Health Tips: The idea of baldness scares women... Why does a lot of hair fall after child birth?


Stop Hair Fall After Child Birth: The problem of hair fall is very common in post-delivery women. Seeing the fast-falling hair, women often get scared of the thought that baldness is dominating them. Although most women know that after the birth of a child, there are changes like hair loss, wrinkles in the skin, and sagging and fading of skin glow. Because during this time the body is once again going through a biological change.


Why does hair fall after delivery?
During pregnancy, the level of estrogen and progesterone hormones in the body increases significantly. Because these hormones work to nourish the growing fetus in the uterus. But the positive effect of these hormones is visible on the whole body. Because of this, the hair starts to look very thick, shiny and beautiful. A different glow is also visible on the skin, which we all know by the name of pregnancy glow. But after delivery, this glow also disappears and in its place dullness and sagging start appearing in the skin. Along with this, the hair also starts falling. Because these hormones have a positive effect on the overall growth of the body, then the effect of their decreasing level is also visible on the whole body.

For how long does hair fall?
After delivery, the body of the woman is going through the postpartum phase for 6 to 8 weeks. Because after the birth of a child, when the level of hormones drops rapidly, the body goes into shock in a way. Because the hormones which were being produced naturally in the body till now for the growth of the child, now the body has to do many processes on its own to make them and to maintain their level, proper nutrition is needed for this and because of the hormones The ongoing mental and emotional ups and downs are also hurting the body. Due to this, hair and skin get damaged a lot.

This is the reason why post-delivery women are asked to pay a lot of attention to diet. Elder women of the family give many pieces of advice like giving nutritious food to the mother giving birth to a child, not using cold water, and not sitting in the wrong posture because at this time the body is very sensitive and any disease or pain can sit in the body. If it goes, it is very difficult to get rid of it. At present, we understand the causes of hair fall after delivery and the ways to prevent them.

How to stop hair fall?
What you should do to stop hair fall after delivery, before that you should understand the process of hair growth so that you do not get stressed seeing hair fall. When hair grows, it passes through four phases.


active growing
This means, according to these stages, every hair that has grown in the head is there. That's why hair fall is a natural process. But rapid hair fall after pregnancy is influenced by hormones and from conception to delivery, your hair has gone through its first three phases very fast… That is why women's hair falls very fast after pregnancy. They fall off and they feel as if baldness is about to come!

Now let's talk about how to stop hair fall. So the answer is that you pay attention to your diet and self-care. Do not take the stress and if necessary, take the help of a psychiatrist and counsellor to improve postpartum mental health. Once again your skin and your hair will become beautiful.