Health Tips: Tamarind can be dangerous in Diabetes! Avoid these diseases also..


Tamarind: Tamarind has been used in Indian cuisine for a long time. From its chutney to water - using tamarind increases the taste of the dishes manifold. Tell that tamarind is used in pani-puri, dahi papdi and bhallas. Let us tell you that tamarind has been considered very beneficial for taste as well as health. But eating it should be avoided in many health problems. Only 10 grams of tamarind should be consumed regularly. Let us know in which health problems tamarind should be avoided…


Skin diseases
Consumption of tamarind in skin problems can cause the problem to increase. It is believed in Ayurveda that people suffering from skin problems should avoid tamarind. Its use in skin problems can cause problems like swelling, itching and redness to increase.

Keep diet in diabetes
According to health experts, if people suffering from diabetes consume tamarind, then they should keep a special eye on their blood sugar. Eating tamarind in excess can cause the balance of blood sugar to deteriorate.

Sore throat
Tamarind is cold, due to which it can increase throat infection. Therefore, when there is a sore throat or other infection, tamarind should be avoided. There is a risk of increasing bacterial infection by eating tamarind.

Dental problems
Eating tamarind can also be the reason for increasing the problem related to teeth. Eating too sour can cause tingling and pain in the teeth. This can have a bad effect on the enamel of the teeth.


Do not eat during surgery
If you are about to have a surgery, then you should stop eating tamarind about two weeks in advance. Eating more of it can cause your blood sugar to decrease.