Health Tips: Sudden pain in the ribs can be a sign of these diseases, do not ignore such symptoms..


How To Treat Ribs Pain: Have you felt stinging pain under the left rib while breathing or moving? If done, then these can be symptoms of any problem related to the ribs. However, in most cases, this problem is due to injury on the left side of the stomach or body. Injury is the main cause of rib pain. This pain can also be severe if there is a fracture in the ribs. There can be many reasons for pain in the left rib cage. The main reasons are kidney stones, indigestion, injury to the left rib, gas problems, inflammatory bowel disease, faecal impaction etc. Let us know about the treatment of rib pain.


What is the treatment of rib pain?
According to Stylecrase, the pain in the ribs can be serious at times, so it is necessary to get the right treatment. The treatment of rib pain is based on the cause of the pain. NSAIDs may be prescribed for pain caused by inflammation. Antibiotics may be required in case of bacterial infection. Even after drinking a lot of water, if the stone does not come out from the kidney, surgery may have to be done. In the event of a heart attack, lifestyle changes should be made immediately or open bypass surgery may also have to be done if needed.

Causes of pain in the left rib cage
- kidney stone
- Pancreatic
- enlarged spleen
- pneumonia
- pleurisy
- collapsed lung
- rib fracture
– Endocarditis
– Appendix


Rib pain symptoms
-         Dizziness
-         Vomiting
-         respiratory distress
-         Pain in back and neck
-         to sweat
-        Digestion problem