Health Tips: Stress is also be a reason of High BP, Know more about it...


Why High BP issue happen: In today's time it is common to have problem of high blood pressure. During high blood pressure, the flow of blood in the body increases so fast that after some time it causes different types of health problems. Now in such a situation, the question arises that we are suggested to eat many such foods, which increases blood circulation by eating.


Then what is the meaning of this high BP problem?
So understand the difference in such a way that the amount of blood the heart is pumping, are the veins and nerves of our body ready for the flow of that blood? Because all of us have very thin veins, arteries or arteries. Now the problem of high blood pressure is the difference between the amount of blood that the arteries can pump and the amount of blood the heart is pumping.

What happens in high blood pressure?
As it has been told here that when the heart starts pumping blood in that amount, the size of the arteries becomes smaller for its flow. So this condition gives rise to the problem of high blood pressure. The biggest problem is that this problem keeps on growing silently in the body for many years without showing any symptoms and then suddenly the situation worsens.

High BP is also called hypertension and by keeping in mind some common things, you can check whether your blood flow is happening properly or if there is any problem without showing any symptoms of high BP. has been. Consider these things...

You have often started having headache problems.
Sometimes or all the time you experience breathing problem.
Often there is a problem of spinning the head for no reason and one feels dizzy or in fact completely dizzy.

What are the symptoms of high BP?
Along with the conditions mentioned above, when the problem of high BP starts becoming serious, then such problems are also seen in the body.
chest pain
difficulty breathing
blood with urine
nose bleeding

Why is high BP fatal?
The problem of high blood pressure is detected in most people only when the condition has worsened to a dangerous level. That's why you should keep checking your BP from time to time. If the symptoms of high BP are ignored or no symptoms of high BP are seen in anyone, then there is a risk of heart attack or heart stroke due to very high blood pressure and during this time life can also be lost.

What causes the problem of high BP?
Apart from stress, there are many other reasons related to daily life, due to which there is a problem of high blood pressure. Before understanding these reasons, you should know that the problem of high BP is also divided into two parts. The first is primary hypertension and the second is secondary hypertension. No clear information is yet available about the causes of primary hypertension. But apart from stress, there are many reasons for secondary hypertension.


sleep apnea
not taking enough
bad lifestyle
lack of healthy diet
not being physically active
be addicted to alcohol
narcotics such as drugs
kidney disease
taking over-the-counter pain killers
excessive use of birth control pills
some cold medicines
Tumor in the adrenal gland