Health Tips: Protect yourself from seasonal diseases in this way in the cold, adopt this diet and lifestyle...


The winter season is very pleasant. This season brings many diseases along with it. In this season, one usually has to face the problem of cold, a cold and cough. In such a situation, there is a need to take more care of health. To stay healthy in the rising cold, you can follow such lifestyle and diet which will help you to avoid these health-related problems. This will also keep your immune system strong. When the immune system is strong, you will get the strength to fight the infection. Let us know what kind of diet and lifestyle you can follow.

Hot drinks
Include hot drinks in your diet. You can take basil tea, decoction, turmeric milk and cinnamon milk etc. Along with keeping your body warm, these things also work to protect you from seasonal diseases.

Winter foods
Include seasonal foods in your diet. Foods that help keep your body warm. You can include root vegetables, dry fruits, figs, dates, jaggery and sesame seeds in your diet. There are many ways to include these foods in the diet. You can include them in salads. Apart from this, you can also prepare delicious desserts from them.

Eat ghee
Desi ghee is rich in many nutrients. It contains healthy fat. You must consume desi ghee in winter. You can consume roti and vegetables by adding ghee. Apart from this, you can also use ghee to make laddoos.

Eat spices
Do not skip spices in winter. Spices keep your body warm. You must consume cloves, cinnamon and ginger etc. These spices also work to enhance the taste of food.

People are often lazy to go out in winter. In such a situation, you can exercise only by staying at home. You can do yoga regularly. This keeps your blood flow fine.


Wear warm clothes
Keep wearing warm clothes in winter. Many people often avoid wearing warm clothes due to fashion. But it can be heavy on you. That's why to keep your feet and head covered.