Health Tips: Pineapple is very beneficial for health, gives relief from many diseases...


The taste of pineapple is slightly different from other fruits, but did you know that it is also very beneficial as a medicine? Many diseases can be cured by the consumption of pineapple.

Home remedies
If there is a problem with acidity, then mixing roasted asafetida, rock salt, and ginger juice in ripe pineapple juice and drinking it daily in the morning and evening ends the problem of acidity.


Diabetes can also be controlled with pineapple. Mix 10 grams of sesame, amla, harad, Behera, gokhru, and Jamun seeds in 100 mg pineapple juice. Make a powder after it dries. Take one teaspoon of powder every day.

Mixing roasted asafetida and ginger juice in 10 mg ripe pineapple juice and drinking it daily provides relief for stomachache.

If there is a problem with diarrhea, make a decoction of pineapple leaves and mix the powder of Bahera and small myrobalan in it.

After the meal, if the stomach becomes bloated and restlessness starts, then drink 50-100 mg of pineapple juice.

If you are troubled by cough, then take 100 mg ripe pineapple juice mixed with 2 grams root of pippali, dry ginger, powder of fenugreek, roasted honey, and honey.

If there is a problem of worms in the stomach of children, take an equal quantity of powdered carom seeds, dates, and khurasani and validate in the juice of ripe pineapple and mix a little honey in it. Licking it in the amount of 1-2 grams ends the problem of worms in the stomach.

In case of fever, drinking pineapple juice mixed with honey ends with fever.


In the problem of periods i.e., take 50 mg raw pineapple juice mixed with 1-1 mg peepal bark powder and jaggery.

If there is a problem of inflammation in the body, then applying the paste of pineapple juice cures the swelling. Apart from this, applying castor oil on pineapple leaves, warming it a little, and tying it on the swollen part also ends swelling.

If there is a problem related to urine, then drink pineapple juice mixed with jaggery.

super tip
Eating a piece of ripe pineapple mixed with rock salt and black pepper powder ends the problem of indigestion.