Health Tips: Orgasm does not happen during physical relation, then this disease can happen, know the opinion of the expert..


Even today physical relation is no less than a taboo in our society. Especially when women talk about it, people get confused. In such a situation, many times women are not able to openly tell their desires and problems related to sex. One of these orgasms. Orgasm is very important for good health. But many times women are unable to reach orgasm even after wishing. There can be many reasons for this. According to experts, it can be due to a disease called anorgasmia.


These are the symptoms of anorgasmia
Orgasm is the feeling of eliminating physical and mental stress. But if a woman never feels like this after making a physical relationship and the tension increases then she may have an orgasmic. Let us tell you that orgasms can also be of many types.

According to health experts, orgasm is a very complex process in which all physical, mental and emotional factors work. An impact on any one of these areas can affect your ability to reach orgasm.

Let's know the reasons for anorgasmia
Diseases: Due to diseases like stress, depression and sclerosis, the ability to reach orgasm decreases. Apart from this, due to many diseases or changes and medicines related to the body, your orgasm can also be affected.

Medicines: There are many such medicines which reduce the desire and ability of sex. This also ends the orgasm. In these, blood pressure medicines, antipsychotic medicines, and depressant medicines have a great impact on our sexual desires.


Alcohol and cigarettes: Drinking too much alcohol or cigarettes also destroys your ability to reach orgasm. Because of this, the blood reaching the sexual parts of the body gets obstructed and orgasm does not happen. You can also contact the doctor if needed.