Health Tips: Olive oil is unhealthy for cooking, Know why it is called so?


Cooking with Olive Oil: Olive oil is a healthy option for eating, but if it comes to cooking, then you have to cook anything in this oil, apply oil for frying food or very hot food. Avoid using it in (hot meal). Because in that case, instead of benefiting the body, it does harm and slow poison works inside the body. Learn about why this happens here...


Why is cooking in olive oil harmful?
On heating olive oil, the basic chemical composition of this oil changes, due to which such factors are generated in it, which when it reaches inside the body, work to increase the free radicals in large numbers. These free radicals, ie free radicals, stick to the healthy cells inside the body and due to this the cells are not able to do their work properly. If this continues for a long time, then many harmful diseases take hold of the body. The main problems among them are...

Blood pressure remains high (High BP)
-Increased risk of cancer
-Faster Aging Skin
All these problems increase when you use olive oil after heating it. Or consume this oil by putting it in hot food. Apart from these, another problem is that when olive oil is heated, its toxicity increases but its good properties are lost. That is, it is a double loss in a way. When all the qualities of good food were lost, then the harmful elements increased in it.


How to use Olive Oil?
Olive oil should always be used in such things, which are eaten at room temperature. For example, you can use it in salads, any healthy mixture, or in food eaten cold.
 If you want to mix olive oil in your daily diet, then keep in mind that you can use it like ghee but your food should not be too hot.