Health Tips: Mix these things in the water for steam, the problem of cough and cold will go away soon!


Steam is very beneficial in removing the problem of colds and flu. Today we are going to give you information that what things can be mixed in steam water, which will give you quick benefits.

You will be benefited from adding two spoons of celery to steam water. Anti-inflammatory properties are found in celery.

For this reason, you will get relief soon from the problem of cold and phlegm. Putting mint oil in this water is also beneficial. It has antibacterial properties. By inhaling this water, your nose will open soon. Three drops of peppermint oil can be added to the water.

Basil leaves are also beneficial. Boil basil leaves in water and use it. Due to the anti-bacterial and anti-allergic properties of Tulsi, this water will prove beneficial.