Health Tips: Many problems can also increase due to weight loss, these 5 diseases can occur including osteoporosis, anemia..


Problems of being underweight: If you think that being overweight is the cause of every problem, then you are wrong. Not only being overweight but being underweight can also be the cause of many problems. Being underweight means having less weight than the healthy weight range. Some people who lose weight always feel sick, weak or tired. This is because they are not able to get all the nutrients from their diet. Not only this, but they may also experience thinning of hair or hair fall, dry skin or problems in teeth etc. Let us know which diseases can be caused by being underweight.


What diseases can be caused by being underweight?
According to Medical News Today, every underweight person does not experience any side effects or symptoms due to it, but it can cause some diseases, which are as follows:

Osteoporosis: It is believed that underweight women are at a higher risk of osteoporosis. This is a disease in which the bones become weak and can break easily.

Anaemia – A person who is underweight and has a low blood count is called anaemia. Due to this, the person experiences problems like dizziness, headache or tiredness.

Weak Immune System – The reason for losing weight may be that the person is not getting enough nutrients, due to which their body is not able to store enough energy. Due to this the immunity to fight against their diseases decreases.


Problems related to skin, hair or teeth – If a person does not get enough nutrients, it can lead to thinning hair, dry skin or poor dental health problems.

Growth Problem- Young people need adequate nutrients for growth and healthy bones. Due to being underweight, we are not able to get enough calories due to which proper growth is not possible.