Health Tips: Leave the habit of sitting like this, the problem of BP and joint pain will remain away


Joint Pain And Back Pain: If you talk about joint pain, then after knee pain and heel pain and back pain, then the problem of lower back pain bothers most of the youth. started doing. Usually, youth do not understand the reason for this problem because they feel that they do essential activities like stretching to exercise or walking every day. Then why is this problem happening? So now that the reason for your problem can also be your sitting position.


What is the right way to sit?
Most people sit anywhere in the office, in a meeting, or in a seminar, then they sit on their feet. Sitting in this way is called Cross Leg Sitting Position. The practice of sitting like this has come from Western and some people like this method, while some people saw the etiquette in it, while some people feel confident sitting in this way. Whatever be the reason for your sitting like this, changing the habit of sitting in this position for several hours every day is right for your health.

What happens when you sit cross-legged?
People who sit in the cross-leg position for many hours continuously, often surround themselves with these health problems.
lower back pain
foot pain
Blood pressure (BP) problem
knee pain
Stiffness or stiffness in the calf
leg numbness
If you often have the problem of numbness in the feet or tingling in the feet or feeling like an ant walking in the feet, then you should pay attention to the position in which you often sit. Because most the people sitting cross-legged have to face such problems due to a lack of proper blood circulation.


Pain, soreness, or heaviness in the thighs
By sitting cross-legged, the pelvic muscles are enabled. Due to this, the problem of pain, soreness, or heaviness in the thighs has to be faced. Therefore, reduce the time of sitting in the cross-leg position and do activities like stretching, exercise, and games every day. So that the blood circulation in the whole body continues properly.