Health Tips: Leafy vegetables should not be eaten in monsoon, know why...


This time of monsoon can cause many types of infectious diseases. As the humidity in the air is high during this season, the dirt and waterlogged conditions caused by the accompanying rains can be ideal for the growth of many types of bacteria and viruses. In such a situation, everyone needs to be very careful about food and drink these days. Especially the cleaning and selection of vegetables and fruits become necessary. Health experts recommend avoiding certain types of vegetables and fruits during this season. Let us know which things should be avoided these days for better health.


Careful about the selection of vegetables
Monsoon season temperature and air humidity are conducive to the growth of bacteria and fungi, especially green leafy vegetables that may be more prone to their presence. Vegetables like spinach, fenugreek leaves, cabbage, and cauliflower should be avoided during this season. Or use them only after cleaning them very well.

Take care about the consumption of fruits
Before consuming any fruit during monsoon, it is very important to clean it thoroughly. Dieticians advise not to consume watermelon-melon during this season. Before consuming other fruits, it is necessary to take special care of their hygiene. Consumption of ripe fruits should be avoided, as there may be a risk of developing germs.

Caution about mushrooms
Mushrooms are considered to be particularly beneficial for health, although they should be consumed only in the monsoon season. Mushrooms grow in moist soil which can lead to bacterial growth. Consuming them increases the risk of infection. Even if you are consuming them, then wash them and clean them thoroughly and consume them only after boiling.


Abstaining from outside food
It is very important to take care of hygiene during monsoon time, even slight negligence in hygiene can increase the risk of infection. According to dieticians, one should avoid consuming fried foods and things sold in the open in the market during this season. Consuming them can cause stomach problems. Before consuming anything, pay special attention to its cleanliness and maintenance.