Health Tips: Know these rules of Ayurveda related to food, You will remain healthy....


Since ancient times, the knowledge of Ayurveda has proved beneficial for our health. In today's world of increasing technology, the rules of Ayurveda are effective and they also have scientific importance. In Ayurveda, many rules related to food have also been given, following which health can be improved. It is often seen that you make some mistakes while eating in a hurry which is not good for your health. In such a situation, the rules of Ayurveda should be followed. Today, in this episode, we are going to give you information related to this that according to Ayurveda, what things we should keep in mind while taking diet. Let's know about it...


Washing hands before meals
Cleanliness has been given great importance in Ayurveda. Washing hands before eating is very important. Therefore, if you sit down to eat in a hurry only after washing your hands with water, then now eat food after sanitizing your hands thoroughly or washing them with handwash.

Sit and eat
Many times, due to haste and watching TV etc., we stand up and start eating food. This is very unhealthy. According to Ayurveda, food should be eaten comfortably and with pleasure. When you eat while standing, the process of digestion stops. That's why it is very important to have the right posture while eating, apart from this, never drink water while standing.


All 6 juices should be in the food
According to Ayurveda, food should consist of 6 races. These 6 rasas are Madhur (sweet), Lavana (salty), Amla (sour), Katu (bitter), Tikta (pungent) and Kashaya (astringent). Food should be taken according to the nature of the body. Due to this, there is no imbalance of nutrients in the body.