Health Tips: Keep these things in mind when buying papaya, know here...


Papaya is very beneficial for health. Along with this, it also works to enhance the beauty of the skin. But many times, if you are careless in buying papaya from the market, instead of becoming healthy, it also spoils. At the same time, the taste of papaya can also turn out bad. Some things must be kept in mind while buying papaya. Papaya is rich in iron and calcium.


To identify sweet papaya, it is important to take care of some things. For example, while buying papaya, keep in mind that do not take papaya that is very heavy. Due to the thick and hard peel, papaya takes more weight. Also, if the papaya is looking green in color and is very hard, then such papaya is unripe and does not have sweetness.

You can also guess the taste of papaya by the aroma of papaya. If a strong smell and aroma are coming from the papaya, then it means that the papaya is ripe. In buying such papaya, it mostly turns out to be sweet.

If you are going to buy papaya in the market, try pressing it with your hand once. If the papaya is easily crushed. So that means it is a bit overcooked and sore. Such papayas are tasteless and should be avoided.


This is the identity of ripe papaya
If the papaya is seen with yellow and orange stripes, then such papaya is ripe and the taste is sweet from the inside. On the other hand, if greenness is visible on the papaya. So it means that this papaya is raw. If papaya is showing yellow and orange stripes as well as white spots.