Health Tips: Keep in mind when and at what time you should eat fruits, keep this in mind as well


We all hear that you should eat fruit. Even the doctor tells you that you should eat more fruits. But we do not know when and how we should eat these fruits. There is also a right time to eat fruits, if we are not eating them at that time and in a different way, then there is no point in eating them. 

You should also keep in mind what problems you face by eating which fruits. If you have problems related to acidity, burning sensation, or phlegm, then you have to pay attention. Apart from this, if you have symptoms like a cold, cough, sinusitis, asthma, fever, diabetes, and weight gain, then do not consume fruits on an empty stomach in the morning.


You should eat fruits between 7-11 am. At this time our body goes through the process of detox. In such a situation, leaving foods with a lot of fat, you can eat fruits at this time. Energy will increase during this process.