Health Tips: Is it right or not to eat the yellow part in the middle of the egg? Know here...


Many types of nutrients are found in eggs. Many diseases of the body are cured by their use. Consuming eggs in breakfast in the morning keeps the energy in the body throughout the day. People eat eggs in different ways. Some people eat a boiled egg, some eat it in the form of an omelet and some eat it after making egg curry. There are two parts of the egg, the first white and the second yellow i.e. York. Often there is a question in people's minds whether eating the whole egg is beneficial for health or should we eat only the white part or can we eat the yellow part as well? Let us know whether it is right to eat the yellow part of the egg or not.


It completely depends on your health whether you eat the yellow part of the egg or not. If you have cholesterol or heart disease or any other health problem, then you should avoid eating the yellow part of the egg. This is because the yellow part of the egg i.e. York contains more cholesterol along with vitamins. Most of the cholesterol in a whole egg i.e. about 185 grams is only in this part i.e. York. Because of this, doctors forbid people suffering from cholesterol or heart disease or others to eat in York.

Healthy people eat the whole egg
On the other hand, if your body is healthy then you can consume York. In other words, you can eat the whole egg. Vitamins D, A, B and K are found in abundance in eggs. Along with this, the amount of iron, and riboflavin is also found in it which keeps the body healthy. Choline is found in the yellow part of the egg i.e. York, which is a kind of vitamin and it is beneficial in the development of our brain. It helps control muscles and keeps memory strong. The choline found in York has anti-inflammatory properties, the use of which reduces the risk of breast cancer in women.


Eating or not eating the yellow part of the egg completely depends on your health. If you are healthy then you can eat York. But, if you are suffering from any health problem then consult your doctor before consuming it. Along with this, it is also advised that if you are consuming anything while keeping your health in mind, then do talk to your dietician or doctor once.