Health Tips: If you want a long life, then make these changes in your lifestyle, know here...


If you also want a long life, then for this there is a need to make some special changes in the lifestyle from now on. A change in some simple habits will not only help keep you healthy, but it will also help you achieve long life. Health experts say lack of proper nutrition and physical inactivity can also be considered one of the main reasons for the age of the average age. Let us know by adopting which lifestyle changes you can achieve long life.


Pay attention to the number of calories
It is considered very necessary to consume all the nutrients in the right amount for a healthy body. Consuming high-calorie things can cause many problems for you. Animal studies suggest that a 10-50% reduction in caloric intake can increase lifespan. In addition, restricting calories can also help reduce excess body weight and belly fat.

Include nuts in the diet
Health experts recommend all people include nuts in their daily diet. Dried fruits are a powerhouse of nutrients. Nuts are rich in protein, fiber, antioxidants, and beneficial plant-based compounds. Vitamins and minerals such as copper, magnesium, potassium, folate, niacin, and vitamins B6 and E can be easily obtained from this. These nutrients help keep you healthy for a long time.

Regular exercise is essential
Studies show that being physically active is the most essential condition for long life. At least 15 minutes of exercise every day can help keep you fit and safe from the risk of many serious diseases. Studies show that daily physical activity can reduce the risk of premature death.


Say no to smoking and alcohol
Smoking and alcohol are known to be major factors of many serious health problems. Studies show that people who smoke regularly can shorten their life span by up to 10 years. Similarly, the consumption of alcohol can also cause many types of life-threatening diseases, which shortens your life. One study shows that quitting smoking even by the age of 35 can extend your life by 8.5 years.