Mangoes Side Effects: If you eat mango after dinner, then know its Side Effects on the body


Mangoes Side Effects: Consumption of mango is very good for health, due to the consumption of mango, you may have to face problems like stomach pain, indigestion, weight gain, etc. Mango is rich in fiber, while the amount of calories is very less. Therefore, know why mango should not be eaten after dinner. Know what problems can be caused by eating mango at night.


Effects of eating mango after dinner

Increases body temperature
Those who eat mangoes at night should also keep in mind that the effect is hot, due to which it can harm the body. Many times, after consuming a little too much mango, there is a problem of boils, pimples, stains, and rash. People who already have acne on their skin should take special care while consuming mango.

Controls diabetes
If you are suffering from the problem of diabetes, then the consumption of mango after dinner can prove to be harmful, the sugar level can be high due to the consumption of mango, so if you are diabetic, then the consumption of mango should be avoided.


Can increase weight
Daily consumption of mango can increase your weight, the amount of calories in it is very high, if you consume mango after dinner, then there can be many damages to the body, so if you are thinking of weight control then Avoid mango consumption.

There may be a problem of pain in the stomach
Often, if there is a problem of pain and indigestion in the stomach, then you should not consume mango, due to the consumption of mango, many types of problems can arise in the stomach, gas, and indigestion, so you should avoid the consumption of mango in large quantities. It should be done, its effect is hot, so take it in the afternoon instead of at night.