Health Tips: If you are troubled by the problem of acidity, then follow this Ayurvedic recipe, you will get relief soon


Due to a bad lifestyle and unhealthy diet, many people have to face many types of health-related problems. For this reason, many people struggle with the problem of acidity.


Due to this, people have to face the problem of indigestion, sour belching, and vomiting after eating food. Today we are going to tell you an Ayurvedic recipe to get relief from acidity problems.

Jaggery is very useful in removing the problem of acidity. 

Magnesium is found in plenty of it. You can keep the intestines healthy by consuming a small piece of jaggery.


Consuming this also gives relief from the problem of bloating. Consuming jaggery in winter also increases the immunity of a person. Jaggery is helpful in removing many types of problems related to health.