Health Tips: If you are troubled by bleeding piles, then follow these effective home remedies..


Home Remedies for Bleeding Piles: We also know piles by the names of Piles and Hemorrhoids. This is a very painful disease. Mostly this disease is seen in people between 40 to 60 years of age. In piles disease, there is swelling all around the anus and the lower part of the anus. Sometimes there is itching in this part along with severe pain and blood starts coming along with the stool. People suffering from piles have a lot of difficulty in getting up, sitting and walking.


There are many reasons for piles, sometimes the problem of piles becomes more triggered due to the problem of chronic constipation and tight stools. According to the Cleveland Clinic, there are two types of piles problem. internal and external. Internal piles are inside the anus while external piles are outside the anus. This disease occurs due to excessive pressure on Anas's blood cells. You can meet a health expert to get relief from piles and if you do not want to go to the doctor, you can also adopt some home remedies. Let us know about some effective home remedies for piles disease.

Let us tell you that if you are bleeding in piles, then it is necessary to see a doctor and after its recovery, you can adopt these home remedies…
Sitz Bath: Many health experts recommend people suffering from piles sit in hot water for 15 minutes. Especially after a bowel movement. According to experts, a sitz bath is counted as the best home remedy for piles. The tools required for a sitz bath can be found at your nearest pharmacy. If you have a bathtub in your house, you can use that too.

Use of Isabgol Husk: Many people use Isabgol Husk to increase their digestive power. The amount of fibre in Isabgol husk is high and it makes the stool soft. But keep in mind that use it only in a limited quantity because increasing the amount of fibre in the body can increase the problem of gas and cramps.


Use of Aloe Vera: By using Aloe Vera, you can reduce the problem of swelling. Although it has not yet been confirmed whether it will reduce the inflammation in piles or not, its results have been positive in other types of inflammation. You can also use aloe vera gel outside the anus.

Cold Compress: Due to swelling and bleeding in piles, there is a lot of pain. You can apply an ice pack on the anus to get relief from this pain. You have to use it for about 15 minutes. This will give relief swelling.