Health Tips: If you are also having severe headaches then follow these tips


The winter season is going on and in this season, whenever the headache starts. In such a situation, when you have a headache, then you do not have any desire to do any work. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you such remedies, using which your headache will stop.


Tulsi and ginger juice

If you suddenly have a headache and you are getting worried, then you have to grind basil leaves and ginger in a grinder and then extract this juice and apply it to the forehead where the pain is occurring. You will get rest.


Apart from this, you can also use mint leaves

For this, you have to take mint leaves and grind them in a grinder to extract their juice. After this, apply the juice to your forehead where there is pain. The pain will disappear in a pinch.