Health Tips: If you also wash your hair more than twice a week, then be careful, these problems will bother you a lot..


Healthy Hair Tips: There is no doubt that the habit of bathing daily is very good. But many times we make such mistakes while taking a bath, due to which the hair and hair scalp get badly damaged. An expert has warned that some mistakes made while taking a bath can prove to be harmful to your hair. Sam Sinkir, CEO of Estee Medical Group and skin and hair specialist, said that washing hair daily can do you a lot of harm. Your hair can become weak and break and fall.


He said that too hot water should not be used to wash the hair. Because it makes the scalp dry and the roots can become weak. Weak roots often lead to hair fall. He also said that using hot water can make the hair weak as well as porous. Sinkir explained that people should wash their hair once or at most twice a week, but washing more than that should be avoided.

If you use strong shampoo then...
He says that due to excessive washing of hair, many types of problems arise, such as split ends, breakage, hair fall, tangles, dry scalp and itching etc. If you use more strong shampoo, then you may have to face one or more of these problems. Our hair produces a natural oil called sebum, which helps protect it from losing moisture. However, due to excessive shampooing, it usually gets removed from the scalp, due to which we have to face many problems related to hair.


Wash head with lukewarm water
Specialist Sam Sinkir said that how often you should wash your hair depends on how your hair is. However, instead of hot water once or twice a week, it is good for the hair to wash its head with lukewarm water. But if you wash your hair repeatedly using chemical shampoo, then both hair and scalp can be damaged.