Health Tips: If red patches are coming on the skin, then it may be Eczema, know its other symptoms...


Symptoms of Eczema: Eczema is a common skin problem or allergy. In eczema, a person's skin may have a red rash, itchy dry scabs or irritation. Although there is no specific cause of eczema and this problem can happen to a person of any age. Eczema can be caused by an external infection or by bacteria. Eczema can be caused due to deficiency of filament aggregating protein in the body. This protein is responsible for keeping the skin hydrated and making turmeric. Eczema is a normal skin allergy, but due to this, a person can be uncomfortable, there is a lot of trouble with it like bleeding while itching at times, etc. That is why without negligence in eczema, a good skin specialist should be shown. Let us know what other symptoms of eczema can be accompanied by red patches.


Symptoms of Eczema
The most common and most common symptom of eczema is itchy, dry, and irritating skin, a red rash on the skin, and swelling on that part of the body.
According to Health Line, eczema can occur on any part of the whole body, but most eczema can spread infection in elbows, knees, cheeks, head, or hands.
-Red or brown spots on the skin in the body
-dry and dull skin
- Removal of white crust from the skin
-Red or white colored rash or watery discharge


-Itching all the time on the skin and bleeding on scratching
-Sleeplessness at night due to itching and irritation
-Burning sensation after scratching the skin
-You can adopt these home remedies for eczema –

-Sunflower or coconut oil can be applied to the area of ​​eczema, it gives coolness.
-Acupuncture or therapy can be taken, it can provide relief
-Keep the body hydrated at all times
Take antibiotics and use skin powder as per the doctor's advice