Health Tips: Have you become a habit of eating more sugar? Intake will be controlled by these 4 tricks..


Without sugar, the taste may deteriorate, but we also know that it harms our health a lot. Sugar is prepared from chemicals, so it is better to avoid it. With these tricks, you can reduce its intake.


Dates or nuts in snacks: If you are fond of eating bakery sweet items, then start eating dates or nuts like cashews, pistachios and almonds instead. Biscuits available in the market are made from both white flour and sugar.

Say bye-bye to ketchup: If you have a habit of eating ketchup with pakoras or other things, then change it. Instead, try homemade chutney. It is healthy as well as tasty. The talk of homemade chutney with paratha is different.

Eat fruits not sweets: If you like sweets, then try to leave this habit. Refined sugar is used in sweets which is not good for the body. Instead of this, you can consume seasonal fruits.


Drink this instead of cold drinks: This drink contains both sugar and soda and it causes great harm to health. Instead of this, you can drink coconut water because it contains natural sugar. Neither your sugar intake will increase and its taste is also amazing.