Health Tips: Guava is beneficial for health, Its leaves are also very beneficial, know here...


Including seasonal fruits in the diet can be a better option for you. Many such fruits are easily available in the winter season, which is very beneficial for health. Guava is one such fruit, whose consumption can be beneficial for you in reducing the risk of many serious health problems.


According to dieticians, guava is one of those fruits whose leaves have also been used as a variety of home remedies. The nutrients found in this fruit increase the body's immunity, which can easily protect against infections and many other diseases. Let us know in further detail about the benefits of eating guava.

Guava is beneficial for diabetics
Researchers found that consuming guava can be beneficial for you controlling blood sugar. Several test-tube and animal studies have found that unpeeled guava can be of great benefit in lowering blood sugar as well as cholesterol, triglycerides, and lipid profiles. Guava leaf extract has also been found to improve blood sugar levels.

Beneficial for heart patients too
Guava also helps promote heart health with diabetes. Scientists in the study believe that guava contains high amounts of potassium and soluble fiber that contribute to improving heart health. Apart from this, high levels of antioxidants and vitamins are found in guava leaves, which help protect the body from free radicals and reduce the risk of heart disease due to this.

Guava helps reduce weight
Researchers found that the nutrients present in guava can be helpful in weight loss. According to research, guava contains less than 40 calories and can get up to 12 percent of the daily requirements of fiber. Foods with fiber make the stomach feel full and reduce the urge to eat, which reduces the risk of weight gain. It is also considered helpful in keeping digestion right.


Benefits of guava leaves
Along with the fruit, such medicinal properties have been found in guava leaves that can be effective in the treatment of many problems. According to studies, guava leaves can help control blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol, relieve stomach cramps, and maintain digestive health. Guava leaves have also been used as a home remedy to cure mouth ulcers.