Health Tips: Giloy is beneficial in increasing immunity, but due to excessive consumption, there is a risk of these diseases, know here...


Giloy Benefits And Side Effects: To increase immunity during the Kovid period, the use of Giloy as a home medicine increased. There are many health benefits of consuming Giloy. On knowing about this, people started consuming Giloy more than necessary. Later such study reports came out that consuming more Giloy is also harmful. Excess consumption of Giloy can cause many diseases. Let us know the advantages and disadvantages of Giloy.


Nutrients in Giloy
Many nutrients are found in Giloy. Giloy contains nutrients like a guillotine, Neosporin, Tinospora acid, iron, palmarian, phosphorus, copper, calcium, and zinc.

Benefits of consuming Giloy

Giloy is effective in controlling type 2 diabetes. Increased blood sugar levels can be reduced by drinking Giloy juice. Giloy reduces insulin resistance. In such a situation, Giloy juice is beneficial for diabetics.

When dengue spreads, you can take Giloy as a home remedy to prevent it. In dengue, the patient gets a high fever. Giloy has antipyretic properties, which help in the quick recovery of fever and acts as an immunity booster.

Blood disorder
By drinking decoction of Giloy, boils, pimples, blood disorders, and many types of skin diseases can be removed. Apart from this, the consumption of Giloy prevents skin-related diseases and allergies. Use Giloy in case of skin rashes, or nail acne.

To protect against diseases, it is necessary to have strong immunity in the body. Giloy is effective for this. Regular consumption of Giloy juice increases immunity, which prevents the risk of infectious diseases including cold and cold.

Disadvantages of consuming Giloy
low blood pressure

Excessive consumption of Giloy can lower blood pressure. In such a situation, patients who are complaining of low blood pressure should avoid consuming Giloy.

Consumption of Giloy can be harmful to pregnant. Women who are pregnant or lactating should avoid consuming Giloy.

If the patient is going to have any kind of surgery, then Giloy should not be consumed before that. Consuming Giloy before surgery is harmful.


Constipation and stomach disorders
Giloy is beneficial for the digestive system, but excessive consumption can also cause damage to the stomach. Consumption of Giloy can cause constipation or stomach irritation.