Health Tips: Follow these measures to prevent diseases occurring in monsoon, know here...


Monsoon Health Tips: The rainy season brings with it many diseases. Cold, flu, and fever are common in this season. Anyone of any age, from children to adults, can get seasonal diseases. Dengue malaria patients increase during the rainy season. The chances of getting many types of skin diseases also increase in the rain. Itching, burning, and dry skin problems start to occur. Know about the possible diseases that can occur in monsoon and what measures can be taken to avoid diseases during the rainy season.


Skin disease
A person can get skin diseases in the rain. Prickly heat boils, and pimples are common in this season. These skin diseases are fungal infections, which cause problems due to moisture. In such a situation, people often have itching, red skin, and burning in the rain.

Prevention- To avoid the problem of skin diseases in monsoon, clothes should be changed immediately after getting wet in the rain. Moisture in the skin causes disease when soaked in rain for a long time, so dry the skin thoroughly before changing clothes. Be clean there.

Stomach problems
People often get upset stomachs during the rainy season. Digestion can be weak in the rainy season, due to which stomach problems occur. Diarrhea, vomiting, and diarrhea are common in monsoon.

Prevention- Take special care of food and drink during monsoon. Eat light food and avoid eating the wrong food outside. Make a habit of walking after eating so that the food can be digested.


Malaria and Dengue
Dengue and malaria cases increase the most during the rains. Due to heavy rains, rainwater gets accumulated in places. Mosquitoes spread through this dirty water which spread diseases like dengue, malaria, and chikungunya. A rapid decrease in blood platelet count in dengue increases the risk of life for the patient

Prevention- To prevent these diseases, do not let the rainwater fill up. Keep it clean. Use mosquito repellents.