Health Tips: Fatigue has not gone away even after a long vacation, know what kind of rest your body wants..

Types Of Rest: After doing a lot of work in the office and at home throughout the week, the mind wants to relax on the weekend. Some people also take a break from work and go on vacation. Despite that, the same stress and burden are felt while returning to work. If your experience is similar, then you need to change the way you rest. It is possible that instead of the general type of rest, you need a little specific rest. You will be surprised to know that there are different types of rest. Try them and see which rest gives you comfort.
Spiritual rest
You may spend the holiday time watching mobile and TV. You can get physical rest from this, but you don't get peace of mind and you feel tired. It is better to give yourself spiritual rest before going to the office. Close your eyes peacefully for some time and remember the good moments that passed by. Listen to hymns or stories for some time. By doing this the mind will get a lot of relief.
Sensory rest
Notifications, messages, emails, and alerts coming on mobile all the time - do not allow the mind to calm down even if it does not want to. Seeing all these things on the screen, the sensory nerves remain active even if they don't want to. Detox yourself digitally for this kind of rest. Turn off the net, away from the screen and relax.
Creative rest
Whatever kind of work you like to do. Which is called a hobby. Spend some time with that hobby. Dance, painting, cooking, gardening - whatever you feel like doing, get immersed in that work. In this way, you will get mental relief.
Emotional rest

In this type of rest, you have to spend time with the family. But those things have to be avoided that trigger you or any family member. Peaceful moments spent with family members are very relaxing.
Social rest
It is also necessary to give yourself social rest. Do take out such a day when you cut off from everyone and give time only to yourself and spend time according to yourself. Just this much time is enough to support your near and dear ones with new energy.