Health Tips: Eliminate pre-diabetes without medicine, know the 5 easiest ways here...


Prediabetes Reversal Tips: Pre-diabetes is a condition in which a person's blood sugar level is higher than normal, but not so much that it is considered diabetes. Crores of people around the world are suffering from the problem of pre-diabetes and most people can come under the grip of diabetes if it is not treated. If caution is taken regarding pre-diabetes in time, then the risk of diabetes can be avoided forever by keeping blood sugar normal. Now the question arises whether pre-diabetes can be reversed even without medicines. Yes, it can happen. Learn its easy ways.


Make changes in diet
According to the report of Verywell Health, if people with pre-diabetes change their diet, then it can be reversed. Such people should include fiber-rich fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in their diet. Foods with a low glycemic index such as bananas, green leafy vegetables, and pulses should be eaten. Apart from this, distance should be made from more sweet, fatty foods, and sugary drinks.

Do intermittent fasting
In today's era, the trend of intermittent fasting is increasing rapidly. In intermittent fasting, food is eaten at a fixed time every day, and fasting is done for the rest of the time. This helps people to lose weight and control blood sugar. With this, insulin resistance can be reduced and the risk of diabetes can be removed.

Control weight with exercise
People suffering from pre-diabetes should exercise for at least 30 minutes every day, this will help them control weight and reduce the risk of diabetes. Exercising not only leads to weight control but also improves the functioning of insulin. If a person reduces his weight by 5 to 7%, then the risk of type 2 diabetes will reduce.

Quit smoking immediately
According to the CDC, people who smoke have a 30 to 40% higher risk of developing diabetes than other people. Smoking increases inflammation and affects the functioning of insulin. Quitting smoking will improve your blood sugar level and reduce the risk of heart disease.


Get enough sleep
Every person must take at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep in a day. Failure to do so leads to insulin resistance in the body, which increases the risk of both pre-diabetes and diabetes. If you get enough sleep every day, then there will be no problem in the body and the blood sugar level will remain normal.