Health Tips: Eating Gajak is beneficial for health, know the best benefits of eating Gajak here...


Due to the cold in winter, the desire to eat and drink completely changes. In this season, people pay more attention to hot and seasonal things. There is another thing in winter, people who like to eat, that is Gajak. In winter, everyone likes to eat Gajak with great fervor. Apart from the taste and sweetness, many secrets of health are also hidden in Gajak. Consumption of gajak in winter gives relief from many problems. Let us know about the benefits of this.


The calcium present in Gajak's sesame and jaggery strengthens the bones. Jaggery is rich in calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Eating this strengthens the bones. Jaggery helps in cleansing your body, which also gives a glow to your skin. Doctors also recommend eating 20 grams of jaggery gajak regularly after eating once in winter.

Gajak also prevents diseases like arthritis. The reason for this is that sesame and peanuts are in sufficient quantity in it.

Gajak contains sesame seeds and sesamolin is found in it, which normalizes blood pressure and removes the problem of high blood pressure.

Gajak's sesame, groundnut, and jaggery keep the liver healthy and fit.

Gajak, rich in fiber, relieves stomach discomfort.

Gajak contains minerals and antioxidants like zinc, and selenium, which help slow down the aging process.


Gajak is the best source of iron. Iron is made in the body. The disease of anemia is also removed by its consumption.

Sesame, groundnut, dry fruits, cardamom, etc. present in Gajak keep the body warm in cold weather.

Sesame and jaggery protect the body from diseases like cold and flu by increasing the immunity of the body.

By eating Gajak, weakness is removed, energy is produced in the body and the energy level also increases.