Health Tips: Drink coconut water with plastic straw, do not make this mistake, it is very harmful for health..


Many people are fond of drinking coconut water, its taste attracts everyone, and it is equally beneficial for our health. But often people drink coconut water or juice with plastic straws. But due to this, our health may have to suffer many types of losses.


Plastic things are made with the help of many harmful chemicals, when this material comes in contact with heat, its chemicals start coming out and then while drinking coconut water, these chemicals go into your body.

This can have a bad effect on the hormone level and can also cause many other problems. Its harmful compounds touch our teeth and enamel. This increases the risk of the cavity in the teeth.

When we drink coconut water with a plastic straw, we often try to pull it fast, its bad effect starts falling on our lips.


Therefore, if you also drink coconut water or any other juice from a plastic pipe, then change this habit today itself.