Health Tips: Do not ignore if you are having stomach pain, you may also have an appendix


In today's run-of-the-mill life, we are not able to take care of ourselves, in such a situation many diseases surround us. Appendicitis is one of these diseases. Although it is a common problem, but sometimes its pain is so much that it bothers you. In such a situation, do not ignore it.


How to recognize appendicitis

  • Pain in the lower side of the abdomen
  • Sudden sharp pain around the navel and stopping recurrent cough
  • Fatigue while walking
  • Persistent pain in the right side of the abdomen 


There is no cure for the appendix. This can only be corrected by open surgery. But it is a matter of when you are not getting the chain and you are constantly in pain. For this, antibiotics have to be taken after surgery. Sometimes there is a pain like this, you can also be cured by medicine.