Health Tips: Consuming these things with tea can be harmful, Avoid them,


Tea is one of the most loved beverages around the world. Tea is very much liked to give refreshing energy to the body along with removing the fatigue of the day. Although different types of tea have been consumed in different parts of the country, milk tea is easily available everywhere. Some people have a habit of eating something with tea. There is a need to take special care about what things should be eaten with tea and which should not.


Eating dumplings or snacks with tea
 There is a risk of problems related to digestion by eating gram flour things with tea. People who often consume such things, problems like digestion problems, constipation, and indigestion been seen more. Consume gram flour things with tea in small quantities.

Do not eat iron-rich things with tea
 Green leafy vegetables should never be consumed while drinking tea. Especially drinking tea with iron-rich foods can be harmful to the body in many ways. Tea contains tannins and oxalates that inhibit the body's absorption of iron from iron-rich foods. You should not consume tea with iron-rich foods like nuts, green leafy vegetables, cereals, lentils, etc.

Disadvantages of lemon tea
 This can lead to increased acidity in the stomach. Mixing tea leaves with lemon juice makes the tea acidic due to which there is a risk of stomach bloating. If lemon tea is consumed in the morning on an empty stomach, then it can also cause problems like acid reflux and heartburn. If you are already suffering from acidity then it should be avoided.


Do not consume tea with cold things
The effect of tea is hot, so consuming it with cold things can disrupt the digestion process. Consuming foods of different temperatures together can lead to a weakening of the digestive system. Tea should not be drunk for at least 30 minutes after eating anything cold. If you also drink cold water before tea, then it can also lead to stomach-related problems as well as the risk of tingling in the teeth.