Health Tips: Consume these detox drinks for good health in monsoon, You will be protected from Infections...


The monsoon season continues in which there is a risk of infection and infection, and due to humidity, there is also a lack of water or fluid in the body at times. In this monsoon season, there is a need to take good care of your health and keep the body hydrated. Keeping hydrated strengthens the body's immunity, which develops the body's ability to fight diseases. In such a situation, you need to detox the body, which is the process of removing toxins from the body. Today in this episode we are going to tell you about some such detox drinks which will keep your health in monsoon. So let's know about these drinks...


Apple cider vinegar
There are many benefits of apple cider vinegar detox drink. It strengthens our digestive system. It also maintains the pH level of the body. It also helps in reducing weight. To make it, take two spoons of apple cider vinegar in two liters of water. Honey can be used for sweetness in this.

Orange and ginger
Oranges have zero fat and very few calories. Mix it with ginger to make a delicious drink. For this, after extracting the orange juice, add a pinch of turmeric and ginger to the blender. After blending for 30 seconds, take it out and drink lemon juice mixed with it.


Coconut water
This natural detox drink will also keep you hydrated. It is also known as a natural moisturizer. Plus, it's great for your digestive system and is a storehouse of probiotics, which are good for your gut health.

Cucumber-mint detox drink
Cucumber and mint both help in keeping our body cool. They also strengthen our digestive system. This drink made from antioxidant-rich cucumber and mint is very beneficial for the body. To make this, put cucumber pieces and mint leaves in a glass, take water and add black salt according to your taste. Your detox drink is ready.


Tulsi tea
Tulsi is easily found in every home. Basil has been a part of traditional medicine for centuries. Tulsi is rich in antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, which help protect us from many seasonal health problems. To make this, boil some basil leaves in water and filter it and drink it. You can also add tea leaves as per your choice.