Health Tips: Cervical pain has made life difficult, massage of these 3 oils will relieve pain


Home Remedies for Cervical: Cervical is also called spondylitis, it is such a pain it is not easy to tolerate at all. The one who has this problem feels tremendous pain in his neck and surrounding parts. Due to this problem, it becomes difficult to lead a normal life. However, it can be overcome with the help of physiotherapy and exercise. If you want to adopt home remedies, then you can take the help of Ayurveda.

These 2 oils will remove cervical pain

1. Castor Oil
Castor oil is a panacea for cervical pain. It is also called castor oil in the common language, and many properties of this oil have been described in Ayurveda as well. If you do regular massage on the neck with this oil, then the problem will go away.

2. Sesame oil
We use sesame oil to cure joint pain, but very few people know that cervical pain can be driven away. Massage the affected area by applying this oil to your hands. It gives relief from chronic pain.

Try these remedies too
If you are troubled by cervical pain, you can eat garlic buds or grind garlic and mix it with mustard oil and apply it to the affected areas. Or keep the oil cool or slightly warm and massage only


Ashwagandha is called an immunity booster because its anti-inflammatory properties work to relieve pain. In case of discomfort, mix Ashwagandha powder with warm water or milk and eat it.