Health Tips: Can the symptoms of diabetes be seen in your feet too? Know how to identify..


Diabetes Symptoms: At present, people are suffering from many diseases due to poor lifestyles and food habits. Along with thyroid and cholesterol, people are also suffering from diseases like diabetes. To talk about the disease of diabetes, there is a need to show more awareness about it. Due to diabetes, you are at risk of many diseases. Diabetes patients see many types of symptoms in the body. But let us also tell you that some patients see its symptoms in the feet. Let us know what are the visible symptoms of diabetes in the feet.


Swollen feet
Symptoms like swelling in the feet of patients suffering from diabetes can also be seen. Because of this, patients experience difficulty in standing straight as well as sitting. If you are seeing such symptoms in your feet, then immediately consult a health expert.

Numbness of feet
The initial symptom of diabetes is numbness of the feet. Blood sugar in the body is affected by this problem. If the blood sugar level in your body is increasing too much, then you will feel like your feet are numb. Apart from this, some people may also experience pain in their feet due to this.


Sore feet
Wounds can appear on your feet due to diabetes. According to health experts, when the level of sugar in the blood is very high, bacteria start spreading in the body, due to which patients start getting infections and wounds around the feet. Not only this, but you can also see blisters on the feet.