Health Tips: After recovering from corona, there is no pain in your hip too…you can be a victim of this new disease...


Avascular Necrosis: In the last few years, the coronavirus has caused so much devastation that even after recovering from it, people are not completely well. Even after being infected, many disorders have been seen in people, and many new diseases have surrounded them. Many complications have arisen in patients who have recovered from corona, such as mucormycosis, blood clots, diabetes, fatigue, and many other problems. Now the name of a new disease has been added to this list and that is avascular necrosis i.e. osteonecrosis. This condition is described as the death of bone tissue, which is indicated when the blood supply does not reach the hip joint.


The 2021- BMJ case report also states that "after COVID-19, there is a greater tendency to develop AVN, especially if the patient has been on steroids. Patients complain of pain around the hip or groin area." This can make walking very difficult leading to a limp. Steroid-induced AVN can start anytime from three weeks to three months, according to doctors. So far, only a few cases of bone mortality have been reported, "Physicians are concerned that this number may rise as it can take three months to a year for patients who have recovered from coronavirus to develop AVN.

Several expert teams have told that this condition can affect one bone or many bones at the same time, but it affects the ends or joints of long bones that collapse more surfaces. At the same time, the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) has submitted a proposal to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) seeking approval for a multicentric study to investigate cases of avascular necrosis in patients who have recovered from the corona.

What are the reasons?
One of the reasons for its occurrence is the loss of blood supply involved, talking about the other reason, it is mostly due to steroids, alcohol and sickle cell disease. Note that not all patients on steroids develop avascular necrosis as it only occurs in people who are sensitive to certain steroids or who have the predisposition to develop AVN. Also, AVN can be associated with traumatic events such as fracture, or dislocation of the joint Then it can also happen during cancer treatment. However, the exact reason for this is not yet known. However, another possible reason is that the medicines taken during corona treatment can reduce the effect of blood in the body, in which case this disease can take birth.

Risk factor
- bone damage
- fracture
- damage to blood vessels
- long-term use of corticosteroids
- sickle cell disease
- inflammation of the pancreas
- chemotherapy
- autoimmune conditions
- Hyperlipidemia or high cholesterol where there is an excess of lipids or fats in the blood.


How to treat it?
If you diagnose AVN early, it can be treated, but if it is diagnosed later, the person may have to undergo joint replacement surgery. Hence, MRI is very important to identify the disease,” says the doctor, adding that if AVN is left untreated, the hip will be permanently damaged.