Health Tips: After all, why does the risk of heart attack increase in winter? Know the opinion of health experts..


At present, the entire Delhi-NCR is experiencing severe cold. According to health experts, the risk of heart attack increases during the winter season. Please tell us that older people are more at risk of a heart attack in this season. But not only the elderly but the cases of heart attack are increasing in the youth. Experts say that to avoid this situation, it would be the right decision not to do a morning walk before sunlight in winter.


The danger of increasing blood pressure due to severe cold
Why is the risk of heart attack higher in winter? Regarding this, health experts say that blood pressure increases in this season, due to which there is a risk of blood clotting. This is the reason that the risk of heart attack is high during extreme cold. Not only this, but the risk of heart attack also remains due to stress, flu, and junk unhealthy food. On the other hand, people who are already facing hypertension or coronary artery disease should avoid colds.

Youth at risk of smoking and obesity
According to doctors, there are many reasons for heart attacks in youth. According to health experts, smoking, obesity, stress, depression and not doing physical activity can have a bad effect on the health of their heart. The reason for heart attacks in most of the youth is their poor lifestyle. Apart from this, excessive workouts also cause heart disease. Drinking alcohol, and eating junk food not only increases the risk of a heart attack but also increases blood pressure.


Should we do a morning walk in winter?
Although a morning walk or workout is good for our health, in many situations its disadvantages have also been seen. People who are already facing heart-related problems are more at risk of a heart attack during exercise in winter. If you are suffering from any such disease, then consult a doctor before exercising in winter.