Health Tips : These surefire remedies for clove will end the bad phase of life


Donating cloves every Saturday ends the dosha of Rahu and brings happiness to the house.

Offering cloves on Shivling continuously for 40 days ends all the bad effects, if you are going out of work, keep two cloves in your mouth while leaving the house, by doing this you can get success in that work.

Light a lamp of jasmine oil in front of the idol of Hanumanji on Tuesday, and put two cloves in this lamp, by doing this continuously for 21 Tuesdays, you will get the fruits of hard work, offer two cloves along with rose flowers to Goddess Lakshmi.

Apart from this, tie 5 cloves and 5 shells in a red cloth and keep them in the vault or cupboard, by doing this, money comes into the house.

If any person is reluctant to return the money given by you, then on the day of Amavasya or full moon, burn 21 cloves in camphor at night and do a havan while meditating on Maa Lakshmi, and soon you will get your money back.