Health Tips : Do not eat these things after a root canal


Increased tooth sensitivity, pain when chewing anything, toothache, pain or swelling in the head, ear, and jaw, swollen gums, and food getting stuck in the teeth. Avoid eating any hard fruits that are hard and make it difficult to chew or swallow.

If you are about to get a root canal done or have got it done, then try to eat soft foods while avoiding hard food.

Do not eat carrot-radish in the form of salad, it can cause toothache. Avoid consuming any kind of whole grains like gram, barley, or millet which takes a toll on chewing.

Avoid eating any tight dry fruits after a root canal. Do not consume citrus fruits like lemon, orange, etc. for some time after RCT, high acidic these fruits can damage the teeth

Do not consume cold drinks or soft drinks after root canal treatment. So it is better not to drink alcohol after a root canal under any circumstances, it can be extremely harmful.