Health Tip Of The Day: Uric acid is reduced by eating Tulsi, know its other benefits here...


Health Benefits of Tulsi Leaves: Basil leaves are considered very beneficial. Tulsi is an easily available herb in every household in India. Tulsi is often consumed in the form of tea or decoction, which helps cure common ailments like cold and fever. But, the benefits of basil are not limited to this, it is also very beneficial in other diseases. It can reduce and eliminate uric acid in our bodies. Due to uric acid, there is a problem of pain in our joints and inflammation in the body, let's know about the benefits of basil.


Benefits of Tulsi :
Helpful in reducing uric acid:
People resort to various types of medicines to reduce uric acid, even after which there is no special benefit. But basil helps in reducing uric acid in your body. You can eat five to six fresh basil leaves by washing them directly or you can also consume desi ghee and black pepper along with basil leaves.

Health Benefits of Tulsi:
-Tulsi is also known as an immunity booster. It is rich in Vitamin C and Zinc. Apart from this, basil has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties which protect us from many types of infections.

-Tulsi also gives relief to fever and pain. If black pepper is consumed with basil juice, it controls fever. If Tulsi is drunk with cardamom powder mixed with milk, it gives relief from fatigue and pain to the body.


-Tulsi has antioxidant properties which eliminate the chances of any type of cancer in the body. Tulsi helps protect us from skin, liver, mouth, and lung cancer.