Health Tip Of The Day: This lentil is rich in calcium, it contains many times more calcium than milk, know here...


Calcium Sources: Excess milk is seen as a source of calcium. Whether grown or children, milk is given to all to fulfill calcium. But, milk is not the only source of calcium. There are many such food items in which a good amount of calcium is found and sometimes more than milk. There is such a big mango pulse in which more calcium is found than milk. The name of this pulse is Toor Dal or Arhar Dal. Research by the International Center for Research in Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) found that peeled toor dal contains more calcium than milk. Let us know about the amount of calcium and other properties in Toor dal.


Toor dal is rich in calcium
125mg of calcium is found in about 100 grams of milk. At the same time, 100 grams of toor dal contains 130mg of calcium. Toor dal can be included in the diet of children or elders who refuse to drink milk or make the mouth, saying that it smells bad. Fiber is also found in abundance in Toor dal. Especially Boiled Toor Dal is a good source of fiber. One cup of boiled toor dal contains up to 9.5g of fiber. Foods rich in fiber provide health benefits in many ways. The most important thing is that fiber improves digestion. Also, sodium and carbohydrates are found in toor dal as per the requirement.


Why is calcium important?
-Calcium is an essential mineral that the body needs. The cells of the body can function properly only with the help of calcium. As soon as the body does not get enough calcium, it starts absorbing calcium from the bones. Let us tell you that a person needs up to 1,300 mg of calcium per day.

-Bone health is maintained only by calcium. If the body does not get enough calcium, then it can have diseases related to bones, bones become weak, and there is pain in different parts of the body like hands, feet, and waist bones.

-It is mentioned in many types of research that to meet the deficiency of calcium in the body, calcium is to be replenished by eating better than food supplements.

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