Health: These vegetables are beneficial for diabetic patients, blood sugar level will be under control


At present, a large part of the population is facing the problem of diabetes. Controlling blood sugar is most important for patients with diabetes and for this it is most important to pay attention to their diet. Generally, sugar patients should not consume those things which contain sweeteners. That is, whose taste is sweet. Also, more attention should be paid to eating those things, which are rich in high fiber, vitamins and minerals. In such a situation, today in this episode we have brought information about some such vegetables which are very beneficial for the patients of diabetes. You can eat them either raw or cooked. So let's know about these vegetables...


Bitter gourd
Many people do not like bitter gourd at all. At the same time, there are some people who like bitter gourd very much. But do you know that bitter gourd is such a vegetable that a diabetic patient must consume it. Health experts recommend eating bitter gourd to people suffering from diabetes. If you want, you can consume bitter gourd vegetable or juice. Phytochemicals are present in high amounts in this green vegetable, which are helpful in controlling sugar levels. Also, a nutrient called lectin is found in bitter gourd which keeps hunger under control.

Most people consume broccoli in the form of salad. It is low carb. Consuming it does not affect the blood sugar level. In such a situation, sugar patients must include broccoli in their diet. Broccoli can be boiled and added to your salads or soups. Apart from this, you can also eat broccoli bhaji by mixing it with this leafy vegetable. At the same time, while making bhaji, keep in mind that do not use too much oil in it.

There is a lot of lady's finger in the market this season. This is good for health. It contains soluble fiber, due to which it is easily digested. Along with this, it also controls the blood sugar level. The special thing is that the element present in okra can also increase the production of insulin.


Another great vegetable for people suffering from diabetes is spinach. This vegetable is not only low in its carbohydrate content but is also loaded with a lot of minerals which are beneficial in every way for the diabetic patient. Spinach contains beta-carotene and vitamins, which help control blood sugar. You can include spinach in your breakfast along with your regular omelet. At the same time, you can make it a part of your salad.