Health: These bad habits of men are becoming the reason for decreasing sperm count, Know more...


In the present time, it is being seen that the cases of infertility problem in men have started increasing continuously, which is causing trouble in their desire to become a father. One factor for this is a decrease in sperm count, that is, a decrease in sperm count, which makes the infertility of men weak. The main reason for low sperm count in men is today's lifestyle where the sperm count decreases due to poor living and eating habits. Today in this episode we are going to tell you about those bad habits which are the main reason for decreasing sperm count. It is in the good of men to avoid them. Let's know about these bad habits...


Genetic causes and chronic disease
The lack of sperm in the body can also be due to genetic reasons, apart from this problem can also be due to any serious chronic disease, due to which the sperm count is affected. Cancer of the testicles or prostate, diabetes, high blood pressure and coronary artery disease can also cause low sperm count.

Western diet reduces sperm count
Men whose diet includes more Western foods like pizza, fries, sweets, soda and red meat etc. The sperm count of those men is lower than those who take normal diet. At the same time, people who eat more Western foods also lack reproductive hormones that increase fertility. Therefore, men should exclude Western diet from their diet.

Causes of cancer and its treatment
A deadly disease like cancer not only affects any one part of the body, but due to this the health of the body is badly affected. Sperm count can be low due to cancer disease and due to chemotherapy, surgery etc. used in its treatment.


Taking multiple supplements
If you have a passion for fitness, then it is possible that you also take some supplements to maintain your look. Too many supplements can damage your testosterone level, which will directly affect your sperm count.