Health: These bad habits can make you a heart patient, know and improve your lifestyle...


At present, there is a tremendous increase in the number of heart patients and the cases of heart attack are also increasing. The main reason for the occurrence of these diseases related to heart is your wrong lifestyle. Yes, often at a young age, people include some such bad habits in their daily routine which prove to be fatal for them in future. These bad habits can give you heart diseases after the age of 50. Today in this episode we are going to tell you about such habits and mistakes, due to which you can become a heart patient. Knowing these habits, you need to make changes in your lifestyle. Let's know about these habits...


Obesity is the biggest enemy
If you think that your increased weight is not related to heart diseases then you are wrong. Your weight becomes the first major cause of your heart disease. Fat people are more prone to heart attack. Because obesity increases the risk of blood cholesterol, triglyceride, blood pressure and diabetes and all of them are the cause of heart attack.

Gum problems
Although it sounds strange to hear, but let us tell you that it is related to heart disease. According to experts, the bacteria formed in the gums affects the blood vessels. These bacteria cause inflammation in the blood vessels and due to this, there are chances of heart attack. If you also have gum problems, then do not forget to ignore it.


If you are addicted to smoking then you may have to face many diseases related to heart. People who had a heart attack due to smoking, they should avoid smoking at all costs. Many studies have found that people who smoke again after a heart attack have a higher risk of life.