Health- These 5 food items should be included in the diet during the winter season!


As winter approaches, more people experience colds and flu, and many also experience eczema, dry skin, hair loss, and arthritis. Metabolism, food preferences, and even energy levels undergo a drastic change in the winter season. Changing your diet according to the season is an easy way to stay healthy.


1. Jaggery

Winter is incomplete without jaggery. You can easily skip all the chocolates and sweets for this healthy sweet alternative.

2. Garlic

With a long list of health benefits, garlic chutney is a great dish that you can add to your everyday meals. There are some components in garlic that work like magic for our bodies.

3. Dry fruits

Dry fruits help in boosting immunity and keep you warm in the winter season. A hand full of nuts and dry fruits can help you deal with the chill that comes with winter.

4. Ghee

Butter and ghee are not only delicious but also one of my favorite foods during winter. That's why you should consume ghee.

5. Beetroot


This vegetable can be eaten raw, juiced, or cooked. This is the best remedy for cold weather.