Health: Sudden swallowing of Disprin-Saridon in headache can have many dire consequences, Know more about it...


Disprin tablet headache causes: Since Corona, it has been seen that people try to find a cure for any mild disease. Some people, in case of cold and cold, buy medicine from the medical store and eat it, which is not beneficial for the body in any way. One thing is often seen in people that in case of headache, they take Saridon or Disprin and eat it themselves. Let us tell you that people who consume this medicine under any circumstances without consulting them are becoming enemies of their own lives because this medicine gives relief from pain but also creates many problems.


Disadvantages of Disprin-Saridon
1. People who consume antibiotics without a doctor's advice, tell them that an overdose of ibuprofen can cause kidney and liver failure someday. Along with this, people who take Metrogyl gut during abdominal pain may have problems related to BP.

2. Excessive amount of disprin increases many side effects in the body. Due to this, the blood becomes thinner and after any kind of injury, the blood keeps flowing for a long time. Excessive consumption of this can also cause anaemia in the body.


3. Many people get itching and red rashes on the body due to allergies to this medicine. This increases the problem of the skin. Asthma and asthma patients are at risk of attack due to their consumption. It badly affects the digestive system of the body. Chronic use of Saridon has been associated with fever, vomiting and abdominal pain. It also works to kill the good bacteria present in the body.