Health: Start the day with a glass of bitter gourd juice on an empty stomach, you will get many more benefits with weight loss


Many types of nutrients are found in Bitter gourd. Bitter gourd in taste has many health benefits. Vitamin A, B and C are found in abundance in it. Apart from this, beta-carotene, carotene, iron, lutein, zinc, potassium, magnesium, manganese and fiber are found. Along with reducing weight, its consumption can keep many other diseases away from itself.


Keeps brain healthy
By the way, people eat bitter gourd by cooking it. But fresh bitter gourd juice is quite nutritious. According to nutrition experts, bitter gourd contains vitamin C. Contains anti-oxidants with it. This increases immunity power. Plays an important role in brain health and tissue healing. A glass of bitter gourd juice should be taken every day on an empty stomach.

Controls sugar level
Bitter gourd contains components that help in reducing glucose in the body. It has good hypoglycemic properties that help in controlling blood sugar.

Bitter gourd rich in vitamin A and fiber controls weight
Bitter gourd is rich in fiber and helps in weight loss due to low calorie. Being a rich source of fiber and low in calories, experts said that this weight gain keeps us full for longer and hence avoids overeating. Being rich in vitamin A, it is great for eye and skin health. It is great for flushing out toxins from the blood, lowering cholesterol, and gut health.


Purifies blood
According to Ayurveda, fresh bitter gourd juice can prevent pancreatic cancer apart from detoxifying the liver. It is also a boon for diabetics.

What is the right time to consume bitter gourd juice?
Before breakfast is the right time to take a glass of bitter gourd juice on an empty stomach. However, do not consume more than 30 ml.

How to make bitter gourd juice
Cut one bitter gourd and grind it with some water. After that filter it. To make it tasty, add lemon and black salt.


These people do not drink bitter gourd juice
Pregnant women and lactating mothers should avoid the juice. Diabetic patients should be careful when consuming the juice with their medications as it has hypoglycemic properties, which can significantly lower their sugar label.