Health: Sesame laddus are low calorie and full of these vitamins, eating these 5 diseases will cure..


Occasions like Makar Sankranti and Lohri are also celebrated through food. Even today, in most houses in India, people make and eat things like Til Ke Laddoos, Dahi-Chuda and Khichdi traditionally during the festive season. Sesame ladoo is not less than any healthy food, because it contains many vitamins. From the time of grandmothers, it is advised to eat sesame laddoos in winter.


Laddoos prepared with sesame and jaggery work to keep the body warm in winter. Apart from healing the body, the body gets many other benefits from sesame seeds. Learn why you should eat sesame seeds in winter and what are its benefits…

Nutrients in Til Ke Laddu
Iron, protein, and vitamins B and E are found in sesame seeds. All these elements are beneficial for the integral parts of our body like the eyes, liver and others. You can prepare laddoos with black or white sesame seeds. Sesame is a healthy superfood and for this reason, people eat it even after extracting its oil. At the same time, the jaggery used in it improves our blood circulation. In winter, the blood vessels shrink and jaggery opens them and improves blood flow. Being a low-calorie food, weight loss people can consume it.

These 5 diseases or health problems will be away from Til Ke Laddu (Til Ke Laddu Health Benefits)
1. It is advisable to eat sesame laddus in winter because they boost our immunity and keep us safe from cough and cold.

2. Due to having calcium, bone pain does not trouble us.


3. On the other hand, people who have stomach diseases like constipation must eat sesame laddoos in winter, because it also contains fibre.

4. Delhi's senior Dr Ajay Kumar says that it is effective in giving energy and is also beneficial for asthma patients.

5. Heart attacks are more common in winter. Sesame should be consumed in such a situation because its elements keep the level of bad cholesterol present in our body under control.