Health: Saturated fat is not the enemy of your health! You will be surprised to know the benefits..


Saturated fat is a type of dietary fat. This fat is found naturally in the types of foods we include in our diet. It is a common belief about saturated fat that it is not good for our health at all. But you would probably be surprised to know that saturated fat has not only disadvantages but also many benefits. Through this article, we are going to tell you only about the benefits of saturated fat.


Saturated fat does not raise cholesterol
Sports nutritionist Vipul Sanadhya says that usually 75 per cent of cholesterol is found in our body. No increase in serum or blood cholesterol due to saturated fat. Please tell that saturated fat is also found in butter, cream, milk and ghee. You will be surprised to know that 60 per cent of the main control centre of the body i.e. the brain is mainly made up of saturated fat, which shows how important they are for your body.

Hormone base is saturated fat
Saturated fats help form the basis of steroidal hormones such as cortisol, estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. Without these hormones, your body cannot function properly. Apart from this, let us also tell you that it is partially true but we get a good dose of Vitamin D from the sun. But without saturated fat, we would not be able to absorb Vitamin D.


Essential for bones
Our bones are made of calcium. Fatty acids are needed for calcium metabolism. These fatty acids are made from saturated fat only. Here you have been told how important saturated fats are for your body. These fats have many other useful functions, so they cannot be completely removed from your diet.